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matrix led backlit led strip

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Item Size LED Size Voltage Power Lumen
HYM-LED-I-30×30 300*300*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 13.44w 120LM/W
HYM-LED-II-30×7.5 300*75*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 3.36w 120LM/W
HYM-LED-III-30×7.5 300*75*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 3.36w 120LM/W
HYM-LED-IV-30×7.5 300*75*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 3.36w 120LM/W
HYM-LED-V-7.5×7.5 75*75*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 0.86w 120LM/W
HYM-LED-VI-7.5×7.5 75*75*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 0.86w 120LM/W

LED Backlit Light Panel is ultra thin and super bright, and can be used as a beautiful and modern light source in custom, architectural, retail displays and fixtures, floor lights, counter lights and so on.

The LED Backlit Panels create a thin, bright and even light source for many applications. LED lights are mounted on the entire sheet, which acts as a heat sink and keeps the LEDs cool, hence prolonging the life of the LED modules. The LED Backlit Panel illuminates your artwork, Onyx stone, or other materials, placed in front or on top. We manufacture large LED Backlit Panels in different sizes, with quality raw materials.

We offer a wide variety of LED Panel to present a thinner, and permanent lighting solution to fulfill lighting tasks from accent and task lighting to party and event lighting.

Help achieving exact brightness, lighting effect, lighting levels to fit specific need.


Energy efficient, energy-saving more than 60% for backlight advertising

Custom sizes and shapes available
Best quality products with standard

Long-life, life up to 50,000 hours
Aluminum board, excellent heat dispersing performance , more reliable

low voltage DC power supply, more secure

Lead-free mercury-free, no harmful rays infrared, ultraviolet
Light and thin, thickness 1.6mm
Aging test is more powerful, 24-hours of continuous work, more than 780 days


1. True Color reproduction technology is greater than 90 color rendering. According to your request, could be customized bar spcing and color temperature.

2. Use EPISTAR LED chip.

3. No ribs, more uniform illumination, higher color reproduction.

4. 1.6mm thick double-sided PCB, heat conduction is not deformed, PCB is straighter, improve overall conductivity, reduce pressure drop, reduce heat. 

5.Color temp, CRI, Could be customized according to your request.

6.Working temperature is -50℃~50℃.

7. We accept OEM & ODM according to your request.

8. Provide high quality and best after-sales service.

9. Warranty is 3 years.

Application :

It apply for advertsing fabric light box & stretect celling , also apply for chain store , hotel, shopping mall, subway, airport, station etc.

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