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Product Detail:

When dimmable switches first came on the market they were designed to dim lights solely for the visual appeal;

in other words, the thought of energy consumption was not a high priority. In fact, the dimmed bulbs used just as much electricity as those which were fully illuminated;

as the electricity that would have been used for light was simply turned into heat. However, as time went on more efficient designs allowed dimmer switches to monitor how much electricity was entering the bulb, and this has become even more perfected in modern lighting units.

Today, modern dimmable switches can make a significant difference in your energy bill, simply by decreasing the amount of electricity that flows through your lights.

With Five-channel to control the RGB + CW to makes your light effect more and more better.

Huayuemei Lighting is ready to help you make the best choices in dimmer switch installation, and we can answer all your lighting and electric questions with the professional and friendly service that we’re famous for; contact us today for a quote on your project!


Product name RGB+CCT LED Controller
Input 12-24VDC
Output 12-24VDC
Power 100W(Max)12VDC; 200W(Max)24VDC

Dimmable type



Other Power 60w, 90w,150w,200w,350w ect.


CE, RoHS Certification

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