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24V dc led slim led strip for slim lighting box advertising

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Product Detail:

Item Rigid LED Strip
Model HD1026A
Specification 500*7.8*0.2mm
LED Size SMD2835
Lumen 130LM/W
Color temperture 2800-12000K(Customized)
View Angle 120°
Voltage DC24V


Rigid LED light,strip light bar and Aluminum rigid light fixture for indoor lighting

24Volt rigid LED light bars and Aluminum light bars fixture designed for multi-angle use.

High quality, easy to install, light intensity, long life,low heat rigid light strips.

Suitable for home accent lighting, jewelry counter, bookshelf,under-cabinet,cupboard,display case,closet,task lighting and showcase lighting.

Available in cool white,warm white rigid LED strips light bar for home, commercial and industrial lighting projects.

Rigid light bar series using rigid base material in FR4 and aluminum, for case requiring structural installation method using screw, clip and so on. Classical constant voltage design support on-filed flexible cutting and connection into certain length. Various of features can be achieved and selected, such as top-view, side-view, ultra-slim, high-density.50,000h long lifespan.


 1.High light efficiency 130LM/W; the actual test in excess of 50% opitcal efficiency than similar products

2. TOP SMD LED 2835 or 5050, LED luminous efficiency up to 130lm/w

3. The most economical led backlight systems

4. Mercury-free, no harmful rays, no flicker, instant start

5. Minimal depth required at 9cm distance there will not be hot spots seen on the graphic

6. High color rendering index: Ra>75 / 85

7. Easy to install, only need a screw

8. Type built-in constant current, voltage dc24v

9. Long life-span > 50000hr

10. Warranty 3 years


Application :

It apply for LED Guide plate, thin light box. Irregular design of body decoration (hotel / club / KTV places such as the polygonal walls, drop ceilings line groove design and decorative contrast from the atmosphere)
 Skyline lighting (buildings, advertising wall signs, holiday decorations and other areas)
 Home dark groove edge (frame, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet …)
 Automotive Beauty (Car, bicycle …). Dedicated to signs backlight, advertising light boxes backlight,poster or billboard backlight Indoor & Outdoor Sign Cabinets ,Internally Lighted Billboards, Large Display Areas, Architectural Walls & Columns, Single & Double Signs

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