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Diffused led backlit led panel

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Product Detail:

Item Size LED Size Voltage Power Lumen
HYM-LED-A-30×30 300*300*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 27w 120LM/W
HYM-LED-B-30×30 300*100*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 9w 120LM/W
HYM-LED-C-10×10 100*100*1.6mm SMD2835 DC24V 3w 120LM/W


1. True Color reproduction technology is greater then 90 color rendering. According to your request, could be customized bar spcing and color temperature.

2. Imported optical grade PMMA material (Safe and translucent, uniform light effect, bright anti-video flash,surface coverage, protection against electri shock, light transmittance greater than 90%.) 

3. No ribs, more uniform illumination, higher color reproduction.

4. 1.6mm thick double-sided PCB, heat conduction is not deformed, PCB is straighter, improve overall conductivity, reduce pressure drop, reduce heat. 

5.Color temp, CRI, Could be customized according to your request.

6.Working temperature is -50℃~50℃.

7. We accept OEM & ODM according to your request.

8. Provide high quality and best after-sales service.

9. Warranty is 3 years.


Application :

It apply for advertsing fabric light box & stretect celling , also apply for chain store , hotel, shopping mall, subway, airport, station etc.

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