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RGB Dynamic Curtain LED Strip

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Product Detail:

Item Dynamic Curtain LED Strip
Model HA3110A
Specification 500*16.8*1.6mm
LED Size SMD5050
Color temperture RGB
View Angle 160°
Power 8w/pcs
Voltage DC12V


1.Experience your brand

Engage your audience through fun and unique Brand Experiences. Reward your customers for their visit by offering much more than ordinary everyday practice.

Make it extraordinary

Make it memorable

Make it Instagramable

Use K-8000C Control card  the Dynamic LED panels become interactive experiences. Stopping power grows into playing power. The visitor is treated with a fun experience and gets physically and emotionally involved with your brand.


2. Bring your visual to life

1. With a dynamic lightbox, you can add animation and tell a story with a single printed fabric. Dynamic LED panels behind the graphic highlight your brand and message and create amazing stopping power. Make a painting come to life or simulate a cloudy sky.

2. The possibilities are endless and the added value is undeniable. Be creative, set your brand in motion and add unexpected elements to your dynamic lightboxes. HYM Lighting offers you the service and support you need for a successful roll-out.

3. We offer dynamic backlight Curtain LED Strip, available RGB LED lighting.

Combine the lightbox with a high-resolution printed fabric and you create an eye-catching, brought-to-life visual. If you’re looking to take your advertising or architectural designs to the next level, Dynamic Curtain LED Strip are the perfect, most cost-effective solution for you. 


3. With its programmable RGB LED boards, the RGB can be set to 16.7 million different colors .This unique tensioning system is easily integrated into your RGB lighting designs to render uniform lighting in any color.


Application :

It apply for advertsing fabric light box & stretect celling , also apply for chain store , hotel, shopping mall, subway, airport, station etc.

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