HYM Lighting as a professional manufacturer of LED Strip Light.

IP67 Waterproof  LED Curtain  OEM / ODM Available For shopping Mall


1. High Transparency, High Brightness, Outdoor Curtain LED Display

20-80% transparency rate, see through, suitable for glass wall mounting

>6500 nits brightness, for all outdoor environment

IP67 , waterproof  for outdoor.
2. Lower Power Consumption

Only 50% power consumption comparing to conventional displays

Special LED selected and high efficiency power supply selected
3. Ultra lightweight and slim

Easy to install and save installation space


4. High brightness for outdoor fixed installation

Both front and rear accessible for maintenance

5. Stable and reliable
Patented technology of inlaying SMD into PCB, the stability is much better than other similar products in the market.

Post time: Dec-21-2021