A Backlit Light Box is mainly made up of frames, fabric graphics, Lights and power

supply. Light source is a key important component and LED light is a

contemporary choice for the whole unit.

How to choose Lights for your light box. Here is the tips for

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There are so many light source out there, considering brightness, power

consumptions, places for the displays…let’s talk about How to choose Lattice LED

Lights for light box here.

1. what is thickness of the light panel?

A generally rule is that distance of bar-to-bar cannot more than deep of the light

panel, otherwise, you will see hot spots.

W (Width of LED strip): you can find more than one on the market, most often is

20” (500mm), 40” (1000mm) etc.

D (Deep of Light Box): to make D (deep of light box) more than distance of

bar-to-bar (from center to center), it achieves even lighting with no dark spots.

2. brightness and distance of bar-to-bar

For the same LED strips, the smaller distance of bar-to-bar, the more brightness

you get.

For the same distance of bar-to-bar, the higher power consumption of one LED

bead, the more brightness you get.


Post time: Mar-20-2021