This is Couleur Lighting took part in EuroShop, the 2020 edition of the retail sector’s most important event provided the opportunity for Couleur Lighting to demonstrate its evolution and innovation. We want to thank everyone who visited our booth at Euroshop in Düsseldorf. Putting faces to names and introducing Couleur Lighing new innovations released this year was a real pleasure! Couleur Lighting of the team was showed their professional skill to introduce our product to our customer.

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We invited our customer was cooperated many years to visit our booth, and many new customer visit our booth too.

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Couleur Lighting as a professional manufacuturer of LED Strip Lighting for advertising Light box more than 10 years, there are several hundred kind of LED Strip Light.

There are dozens of LED Strip Light at Euroshop, which have been unanimously recognized by customers.

Our exhibition has also achieved good effects. Our booth attract many customers, because our product’s high quality and our professional knowledge.

There are many uncertain factors, We still launched a new product-RGB Dynamic Curtain LED Strip , which attracted a large number of customers and added beautiful colors to our booth.

The quality of Our Product-backlight & Edge-lit lighting has also received wide praise from


Additionally, We was launch platform for our new dynamic displays-RGB Curtain LED Strip and it has received excellent feedback from EuroShop visitors.

RGB Curtain LED Strip is a new generation of LED displays that combines printed textiles images with motion effects and dynamic animation that catches the public's attention by bringing the printed visuals to life.

It could be use for a light box, it is a real revolution for in-store communications that will provide a dynamic and memorable shopping experience for your customers.

It also use for home decoration, Bar ,Hotel and shopping mall. It's will catch somebody eyes, and will benefit for you.

RGB Curtain LED Strip could be according to your request to programmable, and change different color what you want.

RGB Curtain LED Strip has some advantages: easy installation, visuals can be updated quickly, multiple finishes are available and it is delivery fast to reduce transportation costs. 

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Euroshop is a unforgettable journey , we can wait to take apart in next Euroshop2023, welcome to vist our booth.

Post time: Feb-16-2020