Able to backlight diffusers and materials for numerous applications, our Backlight LED Lighting , set in a lattice format extending from positive to negative with connector.

1.Substrate Free

Simple substrate-free point-to-point tensioning allows pass-through of obstacles and maintenance access.

HYM Lighting of LED Lattice



Custom board spacing allows customization of the pitch between our cuttable LED boards - Resulting in cost-saving, energy-saving, and reaching the exact lumen output desired.CRI,Power can be customized.

The color temperture can be customized (2800K-12000K)according to your request.

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3.Lighting Engines

Four lighting engines are available to achieve the desired final effect - Choose between multiple levels of static CCTs, tunable white from warm to cold, or RGBW 16.7 million colours and pure white -controlled lighting for animated shapes and text.

4.Project Integration

Customizable to fit any project, our Backlight LED Lattice can be inserted into a ceiling/wall cavity or fixed on a surface. Suitable for numerous types of projects.

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Post time: Nov-25-2022