About HYM Lighting 

HYM Lighting was found in 2006 and is a Guangzhou-based company. HYM’s headquarters is now located in 16146 sq. ft facility in Guangzhou, China.

The company started with LED Curtain for Light box and served the local lighting market with great success. Today we are a professional Lighting manufacturer offering Light box, architectural, retail and Exhibition.


Our website features a wide range of Lighting categories- LED Curtain, LED Flexible Strip, Rigid LED Strip, LED Board Lighting, LED Module. Allowing you customize according to your project needs.


HYM is one of professional Lighting Manufacturer more than 10 years. Our LED products are designed around LED Light source and not other way around making for well-designed, color consistent. LEDs are environmentally sound , mercury-free,. HYM offers layout assistance and technical support helping make specifications.


Our entire line of products may be viewed in our showroom in the city of Guanghzhou , China.

We are very proud of LED are sold around abroad. USA,  Canada,  Australia,  Europe and so on.


Our goal is to be a one-shop solution for retail, commercial, Exhibition. HYM Lighting is dedicates to providing the best products at best price with the best possible service levels you have come to expect.

Post time: Dec-04-2021