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Edge-lit LED Strip light for seg light box

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Product Detail:

Item Edge-lit LED Strip
Model HB6103M
Specification 360*26*2mm
LED Size SMD3535
Lumen 120LM/W
CRI 80+, Could be customized
Color temperture 6000-7000K , Customized
View Angle 15~45°
Power 12w/pcs
Voltage DC24V
Other size 25cm,3leds;28cm,5leds;45cm,5leds;50cm,6leds;56cm,10leds


For oversized light boxes, the Edge-lit LED Strip is the perfect energy efficient solution for large format graphics. This side-lit light engine has a high lumen output and tight pitch with a focused narrow beam angle (15° x 45°) for brighter and more uniform distribution of light across longer distances.


1. We simplified the way we connect one LED bar to another with a Barrel connector system. Simple and easy to use. Connect up to 45 LED beams in one lighting segment to power source.

2. Optical lenses were engineered to emit light beam angles at 15° X 45° to maximize light distance and minimize hotspots on defuser fabric, film or acrylic sheets in lightboxes or other framed projects. For architectural lighting, such as large outdoor wall scones,Edge-lit LED Strip is an ideal solution.

3. Although Edge-lit LED Strip was designed for edge lit advertising lightboxes in mind, this powerful beam lighting system can offer solution to many lighting application especially architectural design for residential and commercial use.

4. We provide our clients with eco-friendly materials and products.

5. Edge-lit Module bar tight beam angle delivers outstanding brightness and uniformity when compared to modules with wider beam angles.

6. The Edge-lit Module bar uses LG diodes as a critical component to ensure the bright and even edge-to-edge lighting. Incredibly versatile, the Edge-lit Module bar allows easy side/edge lighting of a lightbox or sign with the light emitting out on both sides.

7. Optimized for use in double-sided lightbox lighting, the special lenses enable particularly low installation depths and extra slim lightboxes

8. Edge-lit Module bar has universal use with lateral radiation and a elliptical beam angle that is advantageous for lateral light feed in signage and advertising.


Application :

It apply for advertsing fabric light box & stretect celling , also apply for chain store , hotel, shopping mall, subway, airport, station etc.

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