As we all know, there are more and more application for fabric light boxes in the exhibition and shopping marks.  So the Backlight LED Lattice  is a best lighting source for the fabric light boxes.

Let's show you our customer's solution - for fabric light boxes in the subway.  That's make



The light source of the Backlit  Fabric LED Light Box is an array of many smaller LEDs. They are placed on the backplate of the light box. This type of light box ensures the brightness of the display, no matter the size.

We manufacture the back-lit light more size , the standra size is 50cm They are assembled, shipped, and easily installed. With these two profiles, we can have an internal power supply, which is dimmable.

We can also make them with a low voltage dimmer, placed inside the light box.

Besides all these, with full solution provided by customers, we are a professional manufacturer for led lighting more than 15 years.  Building a custom led lighting is our specialty!

We make led lighting  in all sizes, different types, and colors. Provide us the products’ details that you want and get a custom quote within one business day.



Post time: Nov-01-2022