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RGB Dynamic LED Panel

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Product Detail:

Item RGB Dynamic LED Panel
Model HC3002A
Specification 240*240*1.6mm
LED Size SMD5050
Color temperture RGB
View Angle 160°
Power 36w/pcs
Voltage DC24V


1.Power up your branding & advertising

In today’s dynamic world, your branding and advertising needs to stand out with creativity and surprising elements. It’s vital to spend your budget wisely without compromising on imagination and originality. The possibilities that the HYM Dynamic LED panels offer are infinite. By simply changing the content and  highlighting parts of your print, you create an entirely different look and feel with the exact same graphic.

Thanks to the dynamic lightbox, your brand stands in the spotlight. Use it and power up your in-store and out-store signage displays.


2. Advantages of Dynamic LED Panel

•It could be programmable with K-8000C Control card by DMX512 propotol.

•Uniform illumination.

•Easy to install in your light box or celling.

•Engage your audience through fun and unique Brand Experiences.

•Easy-to-build modular design

•Easy change of print and upload of video animation


3. With its programmable RGB LED boards, the RGB can be set to 16.7 million different colors .This unique tensioning system is easily integrated into your RGB lighting designs to render uniform lighting in any color. Each individual LED is RGB, this means that they produce Red, Green and Blue colour that when combined, can create any colour in the spectrum,


4. Given this flexibility in colour change and programmability, we can create fairly complex LED programmes that include just on / off, dimming and brightening and also colour change that can really bring the printed fabric image to life.

Dynamic’ lightbox can be wallmounted, free standing on feet, built in or suspended from cables. It can be programmed remotely too, each box can link to the local wireless network and a new programme can be transmitted to it once a new fabric design is in place.


Application :

It apply for advertsing fabric light box & stretect celling , also apply for chain store , hotel, shopping mall, subway, airport, station etc.

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