• Aluminum Back Light LED

    Aluminum Back Light LED

    Customized sizes of led back light solution. 12 volt dc foldable curtain matrix outdoor advertising light box backlit led module back lighting LED. This LED fixtures designed for cabinet...

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  • Lens Scroll LED Light

    Lens Scroll LED Light

    the light rays of the LED (light emitting diode) light source are effectively distribute to the surface of the canvas graphics even for a 50 mm small distance. It is also called diffuser ladder...

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  • IP65 Diffuser LED Light

    IP65 Diffuser LED Light

    Lens led strip 24 volt dc, high power led 1 watt, waterproof ip65, advertising light box lighting, scrolling light box, waterproof led strip light curtain backlight, single-sided outdoor back...

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  • 5050 Lattice Back Light System

    5050 Lattice Back Light System

    PRODUCT NAME Double sided LED backlight system DESCRIPTION LED linear rigid LED light bar, 5050 SMD 3 in 1 LED chips, high brightness back lighting solution for double sided illumination...

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  • 2835 Curtain Back Light System

    2835 Curtain Back Light System

    PRODUCT NAME 2835 LED Lattice LED Curtain Light DESCRIPTION 500mm wide, 2835 curtain led back light system, flexible structure could bend for curved panels, double sided illumination. 120 beam...

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  • Side Lighting Bar

    Side Lighting Bar

    Product introduction This side lighting bar is a kind of led light source for advertising light box, meeting CE, ROHS environmental protection standards, body is aluminum alloy, it is the best...

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  • 24 Volt Alu. Light Bar

    24 Volt Alu. Light Bar

    DESCRIPTION The 24 volt aluminum light bar is a side mounted lighting fixture for fabric light boxes. It was designed to mounted on the edge of aluminum frame, through a crystal secondary lens,...

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  • Side Mounted Aluminum LED Light Bar

    Side Mounted Aluminum LED Light Bar

    DESCRIPTION Side mounted aluminum led light bar, high luminous flux product, for any interior application, available color temperature 6000-7000 Kelvin, beam angle of this product series is 15...

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  • 24 Volt LED

    24 Volt LED

    DESCRIPTIONS Edge lit led strip, edge led module bar, box aluminum led light for single-sided and double-sided small scale fabric light boxes. SMD LED lends LED rigid bar aluminum PCB led strip...

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  • Side Mounted LED Light Bar

    Side Mounted LED Light Bar

    DESCRIPTION Under cabinet led lighting, driven by low voltage 24 volt dc. Ultra bright aluminum base led strip is utilize for tension fabric light boxes, frameless light box etc in shopping malls,...

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  • High Power LED Strip Light

    High Power LED Strip Light

    DESCRIPTION The edge-lit LED bars are designed for installed along the inner part of the aluminum frames of the light box. Depending the size, this LED light bars were supposed to fixed on 2...

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  • Aluminum Housing LED Light Bar

    Aluminum Housing LED Light Bar

    DESCRIPTION Constant current rigid modular edge lit light bar, working on both single sided and double sided advertising light boxes. 2 Watts LED lamps, high efficiency 110LM/W, high CRI>70...

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